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SaaS Vendor Management

When you are entering a business relationship with Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, you are contracting for more than just processing data and its storage in the cloud. SaaS vendors provide some expertise in a specific area that organizations can augment their business and optimize their software budget.

Since SaaS vendors offer business and cloud solutions, companies want to create a partnership that will be beneficial to them both. Thus, companies ensure that SaaS vendor will meet their needs on an ongoing basis.

SaaS vendors will provide some analytics and expertise regularly but they won’t reveal the results, nor will they volunteer to provide benchmarking or optimization data. For this reason, you should implement a SaaS Vendor Management platform. For example, Binadox SaaS Vendor Management solution helps companies to receive analytics, expertise and optimization data on a single dashboard.

The majority of SaaS vendors strive for excellent service to their clients because they understand that both systems and quality of expertise are what distinguishes them as SaaS vendors. Binadox helps companies to understand what SaaS applications works best in organizations.

Binadox SaaS Vendor Management solution identifies SaaS application usage data, application expenses, and it could even provide application data of every single user that works in your organization.

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