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ServiceNow Configuration

This guide provides information on how to integrate ServiceNow as a ticketing system to be proactively notified of overspend on SaaS applications or IaaS services, budget excess or any other unusual expenses detected by Binadox.

If you already have a ServiceNow personal developer instance, please proceed to Clause 2 of the integration guide.

1. Personal Developer Instance Creation
2. ServiceNow Integration with Binadox

1. Personal Developer Instance Creation

1. Sign into the ServiceNow developer site.
2. To request a personal developer instance, click Manage > Instance in the toolbar.


3. Click the Request Instance button.


4. Fill in the appeared Please Note form and click I understand.
5. Choose the ServiceNow version you want to work on. Click Request Instance.


6. In the My Instance view, there is a developer instance link and credentials to log into the instance. This information is required to integrate ServiceNow with Binadox as a ticketing system.


2. ServiceNow Integration with Binadox

To connect ServiceNow with Binadox, do the following:
1. Sign into your Binadox account.
2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Integrations > Notification. Choose ServiceNow in the list of ticketing systems available for integration with Binadox. Click the Connect button.


3. In the appeared window, click New Connection +.


4. Enter a connection name and click Create label.


5. To finish integration, you need to enter a developer instance link, a username and a password you use to log into the instance. To locate a developer instance URL, go to your account on the ServiceNow developer site. Click Manage > Instance in the toolbar. Copy the instance link to the clipboard.


6. Go back to Binadox and finish integration. Enter a URL of your personal developer instance as well as a username and a password in the required fields. Click Connect.


7. The ServiceNow connection with Binadox is established.


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