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ServiceNow Configuration

This guide provides information on how to integrate ServiceNow with the Binadox multi-cloud SaaS and IaaS usage monitoring and cost optimization platform as a ticketing system to be proactively notified of overspend on SaaS applications or IaaS services, budget excess or any other unusual expenses detected by Binadox.

1. Personal Developer Instance Creation
2. ServiceNow Integration with Binadox

1. Personal Developer Instance Creation

1. Sign into the ServiceNow developer site.

2. To request a personal developer instance, click Manage > Instance on the menu bar.


3. Click the Request Instance button.


4. Fill in the appeared Please Note form and click I understand.

5. Choose the ServiceNow version you want to work on. Click Request Instance.


6. In the My Instance view, copy a developer instance URL, as well as a username and a password to log into the instance. This information is required to integrate ServiceNow with Binadox as a ticketing system. Make sure to keep instance credentials safe, you will not be able to see them again.


2. ServiceNow Integration with Binadox

1. Sign into your Binadox account.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Integrations. Proceed to the Notifications tab. Click on the ServiceNow icon. To quickly locate the ServiceNow software in the list of available ticketing systems, type in its name in the search bar or use an alphabetical filter by clicking on the first letter of an application name, i.e. S.


3. Create a meaningful connection instance name for further reference. Click Continue.


4. Fill in the connection properties. Enter a username and a password used to log into the instance into the corresponding fields. Indicate an instance URL in the Instance URL field (see Clause 1 on how to create a developer instance). Click Connect.


5. Upon successful ServiceNow ticketing configuration, the connection status will switch into Connected.


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