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Slack Configuration

Binadox allows receiving Slack user data of your employees and their Slack usage information. Your Slack domain should be connected to your Binadox account. The following steps demonstrate how to successfully connect Slack application to Binadox.

1. Fill the following fields to connect the Slack application:

2. Domain – Enter your Slack domain name in this field.

3. Choose your first billing date in the First bill time field. The Binadox service will provide cost saving information after this time period.

4. Billing period – Select either Monthly or Annual type of payment.

5. Payment plan – Choose your billing plan type: Free, Standard, or Plus. Refer to Slack pricing for more information.

6. Click the Connect button after filling all these fields and you will be redirected to Slack log-in screen.

7. Log into your Slack account with your credentials and authorize to use the application by clicking the Authorize button.

8. When the status of the Slack application will be changed to Connected, you can close the window. Thus, you will connect the Slack application to your Binadox account and your will be able to view your employees’ Slack user data and their Slack usage information.




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