Optimize your organization’s software investments with smart Binadox Software Usage Monitoring

Binadox helps you manage and monitor software expenditures in addition to software licenses . Try Binadox Software Usage Monitoring to track usage of all the software assets in your organization and gain transparency and control for more efficiency.

Are all software products you pay for used by your employees?
Why is some software not in use? Do your employees need additional training?
Or maybe they waste working hours? Do they use only job-related applications?
Are your software costs efficient?
Can your ROI on IT investments be improved?
Let Binadox Software Usage Monitoring help you answer these questions
and get the most out of your IT assets.

Key benefits

Control and transparency of software usage

Binadox monitors software installed on employees devices across your organization. Binadox identifies used and unused applications, their last-time usage and cost. In addition to software usage management, a user can generate Binadox Software Usage Reports. Those reports include such details as a number of installations for each software product, usage count in percentage, and applications not really used. These data can facilitate development and implementation of software usage policies.

Software license compliance support

Binadox Software usage monitoring complements the Binadox Software License Compliance and Assets Management solution by identifying unused software that can be removed from employees devices to preserve organization’s compliance.

Software procurement optimization

When the organization is able to discover unused purchased software, it can cut its IT expenses by simply reducing the number of licenses in the future or revoking redundant license agreements, if stipulated by their terms. (Try License Analyzer to review license terms.) Additional savings on software costs can be achieved by identifying applications with similar functions to consolidate onto one vendor and negotiate more favourable terms, or by switching to less expensive alternative software products.

Increased productivity and security

Software usage monitoring discovers unapproved software products that could expose organization’s security. Removing software that was not approved by the IT can also contribute to the increase of employees productivity, as they will be no longer distracted by applications unrelated to their work.

Software utilization efficiency

Licenses for applications that are not used by some employees can be reassigned to others that require them. Some employees may never use software only because they did not receive the appropriate training. Thus, revealing unused software could assist in identifying untrained employees.

Binadox Software Usage Monitoring is an intuitive software usage tracking tool. It helps
you find out what software is used, what software is not in use, and how much
does it cost you.
Software Usage Monitoring

Whether it’s the IT department in a locked-down environment that makes software installations or employees themselves, not all purchased software products may be used equally efficiently. Some of them might be not used at all, which means that the money spent on software licenses were invested unwisely.

Binadox Software Usage Monitoring provides data on software usage (including a number of installations and percentage of usage) for the last month, last week, last day or any required period of time to help you make your software licenses accountable and control software spending. With Software Usage Monitoring you can define what software is not used or underused to save on license expenditures.

Software Costs Management

Binadox Software Usage Monitoring facilitates cost monitoring and management by displaying cost of every purchased piece of software. The Cost column is filled by the user. This feature allows you to have all costs listed in one place for quicker and handier software expenditure management.

Software Usage Reporting

Understand exactly how your software licenses are used and how much it costs you with Binadox Software Usage Reporting. Usage of every software product in your organization is recorded in reports that give you valuable insights on cost saving opportunities.