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SolarWinds Service Desk Configuration

This guide provides information on how to integrate SolarWinds Service Desk (previously Samanage) with the Binadox multi-cloud SaaS and IaaS usage monitoring and cost optimization platform.

1. Generate a JSON Web Token
2. Create New Connection for SolarWinds in Binadox

1. Generate a JSON Web Token

1. Log into SolarWinds Service Desk with an administrator account.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Setup.


3. In the navigation pane of the Setup view, click Users & Access > Users. Click on the SolarWinds administrator’s name.


4. In the administrator’s profile view, click on the Actions drop-down list at the top and select Generate JSON Web Token.


5. Click Copy to copy the generated JSON Web Token to the clipboard.


2. Create New Connection for SolarWinds in Binadox

1. Log into your Binadox account.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Integrations. Proceed to the SaaS tab. Click on the SolarWinds icon. To quickly locate the SolarWinds software in the list of supported applications, type in its name in the search bar or use an alphabetical filter by clicking on the first letter of an application name, i.e. S.


3. Indicate a connection instance name for further reference and differentiation. Click Continue.


4. Enter a JSON Web Token (see Clause 1 on how to generate a JSON Web Token) in the JSON Web Token field. Fill in the billing information. Click on the calendar icon to specify the date the bill for application services is issued. Select a payment plan and region, and a billing period in the corresponding drop-down lists. Click Connect.


5. SolarWinds Service Desk is successfully connected.


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