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TeamViewer Configuration

Connect TeamViewer to Binadox  Cloud Management Platform, so that you can receive usage insights, spend analysis, and individual user data of this application. The following steps demonstrate how to integrate TeamViewer to the Binadox platform.

1. Register an Application in the Management Console
2. Configure TeamViewer in Binadox

1. Register an Application in the Management Console

1. Log into your TeamViewer Management Console and open the Apps link in the footer of the website.

2. Click the Create App button on the Apps tab.

3. Fill out the following form:

  • Check Add web API checkbox

  • Type Binadox in Name.

  • Select a description for this app (e.g. Web Usage).

  • Enter the following URL under Redirect URl:

  • Access Level  Choose the Company access level.

  • User Management  Select View, create and edit users and admins .

  • Session Management – Choose Create, view and edit all sessions.

  • Group Management – SelectView, create, delete, edit and share groups .

  • Connection Reporting – Choose View, edit, and delete connection entries.

  • Accept App Developer Agreement and click Save.


3. Copy your Client ID and Client secret values when the application will be successfully created.

2. Configure TeamViewer in Binadox

1. Proceed to the TeamViewer connection screen on Binadox and click New Connection.

2. Fill out the Application Information form:

  • TeamViewer Client ID – Paste your copied Client ID value

  • TeamViewer Client Secret – Paste your copied Client secret value.


3. You’ll be redirected to the TeamViewer permission screen. Allow all permissions by clicking the Allow button.

4. You’ll be brought back to Binadox. Fill out the Billing Information form:

  • First Bill Date – Specify your first billing date in this field.

  • Payment plan – Choose your TeamViewer payment plan type.

  • Billing period – Select your TeamViewer billing period in this field.


5. Click Connect  button to finish the configuration. Therefore, you’ll successfully connect TeamViewer to Binadox Cloud Management platform and you can receive spend analysis, utilization insights and individual user data of this application.


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