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Wrike Configuration

Connect Wrike to the Binadox SaaS management platform, so that you can discover utilization, identify spend and view user data of this application. The following steps demonstrate how to successfully connect the Wrike application to the Binadox platform.

1. Create New Wrike Connection on the Binadox connection screen.

2. Select a unique connection label name and fill out the following form:

Enter your first billing date in the First Bill Date field.

Payment Plan – Choose your Wrike payment plan in this field.

Billing Period – Select your Wrike billing period.


3. Click the Connect button and you’ll be redirected to the Wrike login screen.

4. Log into your Wrike account with your credentials to finish the configuration. Therefore, you will successfully integrate Wrike to the Binadox SaaS management platform and you’ll be able to receive usage insights, user information, and spend optimization data of this application.


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