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Zendesk Ticketing

Binadox Cloud Management Platform provides Zendesk ticketing feature that enables administrators to access Binadox notifications from Zendesk. The following contains instructions on how to configure Zendesk ticketing on the Binadox platform.

1. Proceed to Administration→Ticketing→Zendesk on Binadox and click New Connection.

2. Select a unique connection label name and fill out the Connection Properties form:

  • User Email – Enter your Zendesk user email in this field.

  • API Key – Paste your Zendesk API key. Refer to Zendesk Configuration to learn how to get a Zendesk API key.

  • Zendesk Domain – Type your Zendesk domain in this field.


3. Click Connect and fill out the following form:

  • Requester email – Enter your email address in this field.

  • Requester name – Specify your name in this field.


4. Click the Connect button to finish the configuration. Therefore, you’ll be able to access Binadox notifications from your Zendesk account.



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