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Zoho Books Configuration

This guide describes how to integrate the Zoho Books online accounting software with the Binadox multi-cloud SaaS and IaaS usage monitoring and cost optimization platform to be able to automatically extract invoices from Zoho Books to Binadox for spend optimization analysis.

To integrate Zoho Books with Binadox, register a client application with the Zoho Developer Console to receive client credentials (a Client ID and a Client Secret) that will be used to identify this application.

1. Register a New Client Application
2. Locate an Organization ID
3. Create Connection for Zoho Books in Binadox

1. Register a New Client Application

To provide Binadox with delegated access to Zoho resources authenticated by a Zoho administrator, do the following:

1. Sign into the Zoho Developer Console with an account with administrator privileges. Click on the Add Client ID button.


2. Fill in the Create Zoho Client ID form:

– Specify the client application name in the Client Name field (e.g. Binadox Test App).

– Indicate the application domain in the Client Domain field (i.e. https://www.binadox.com)

– Enter the following URI in the Authorized redirect URIs field:


– Select Web Based in the Client Type drop-down list.

Click Create.


3. Upon successful registration, you will receive a Client ID and a Client Secret. Copy them to the clipboard. Click Close.


To edit connection parameters or copy client credentials, on the API Credentials page, click the drop-down button next to the required client application and select Edit.


2. Locate an Organization ID

1. Log in to the Zoho Books Admin Console.


2. Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of the menu bar. Click Manage.


3. In case you belong to multiple organizations, pick the one you want to integrate with Binadox. Copy the organization ID to the clipboard.


3. Create Connection for Zoho Books in Binadox

1. Sign into your Binadox account.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Integrations. Proceed to the Discovery tab. Click on the Zoho Books icon. To quickly locate the Zoho Books software in the list of supported applications, type in its name in the search bar or use an alphabetical filter by clicking on the first letter of an application name, i.e. Z.


3. Indicate a connection instance name for further reference and differentiation. Click Continue.


4. Type in a Client ID, a Client Secret of the registered client application (see Clause 1 on how to receive client credentials and configure connection), and an Organization ID (see Clause 2 on how to locate an Organization ID) in the corresponding fields. Click on the calendar icon to specify the date, from which Binadox starts scanning bill data in a Zoho account and extracting invoices for spend optimization. Click Connect.


5. To give Binadox an access to extract invoices from Zoho Books to Binadox for spend optimization analysis, click Accept.


6. Upon successful Zoho Books integration with Binadox, the connection status will switch into Connected.


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