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Zoom Configuration

Connect Zoom to Binadox to receive usage info and user data of this application. The Zoom configuration requires selecting the amount of your Application Hosts on the Zoom connection screen. The following explains how to correctly specify application hosts and demonstrates how to integrate the Zoom application to the Binadox platform.

1. Log into your Zoom account and proceed to the My Account section.

2. Proceed to the Users section under User Management.

3. The User section displays the amount of Pro users that you can add (a) and the number of your total Zoom users (b). Add up these values to define the amount of your application hosts.

For instance, in this scenario, there are 2 Zoom users and no Pro user slots left. Hence, the application hosts should have the following value in this scenario: 2.


4. Proceed to the Zoom connection screen on Binadox and click New Connection.

5. Select a label name and fill the following fields:

First Bill Date – Specify your first bill date in this field.

Application Hosts – Enter your application hosts value (the sum of your total zoom users and pro users that you can add).


6. Click Connect after filling these fields. Therefore, you will successfully integrate Zoom to the Binadox platform and you will be able to receive usage info and user data of this app.


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