November 2021 Updates

Binadox Inc

Binadox November 2021 updates

Improved SaaS Management

  • SaaS Connections Filtering: Now you can filter their SaaS Connections. So, applications enlisted in SaaS Connections can be filtered, so you can separately observe not connected and underutilized applications, as well as those that need your attention.
    saas connsections filtering

  • Payment history: Now you have the opportunity to see Apps’ Payment history in the form of a graph, as well as the table with details like invoice date, billing period, net cost, tax, and total cost.

  • Tax Information Discovery: Now it’s easier to identify the Net cost of the Application, the Tax amount, and the Total cost – the sum you or your company paid as a result. The Value Added Tax (VAT) info is available for the following apps: Office365, Slack, Atlassian licenses (Jira + Confluence), Zoom, Box, and Webex.
    SaaS Apps Payment history

    SaaS and Cloud Related News

  • Share Link: Now links to the Binadox sections like SaaS and Cloud Dashboards, SaaS Connections, Rightsizing, Automation Rules, Renewals Calendar, and so on can be easily shared. For instance, you can send 2 (or more) links to colleagues and they can work in 2 different Workspaces (opened in 2 tabs) simultaneously.
    Binadox users can share links to the secrions

  • Advice Ignore Lists: There are numerous pieces of advice you receive concerning cloud security and savings, among them Abandoned Licenses, Underutilized Features, RDS Unencrypted Instances, EC2 Public AMIs, and so on.
    There are different kinds of situations when you would want to ignore these pieces of advice and not receive notifications on them. For example, there are instances that the company purchased in case of workload increase. Advice on these resources can be ignored as the company owner keeps them intentionally.
    Advice ignore list