What Legal Experts Think About the Binadox Solution

We’ve interviewed a number of in-house general counsels and attorneys and asked them what threats EULAs and ToS may pose to companies and whether the Binadox solution can help their firms avoid costly violations. Some legal experts we interviewed consider an EULA a boilerplate few firms care about, because, in their opinion, only volume license […]

Binadox Dropbox Integration

Software license agreements analysis is one of the core functions of Binadox as a software license compliance solution. Software license agreements can be uploaded to the system in a variety of ways: through the end user agent or extension which capture the accepted terms of services or end user license agreement terms; from a licenses […]

NLP in the Service of Software Assets Management and
Software License Compliance

Binadox is a complex solution employing artificial intelligence components, such as natural language processing, to ease and speed up license review and decision making to maintain license compliance. The embedded intelligent technologies allow Binadox to: Differentiate license agreements from other types of documents Analyze a license text breaking it into sections and extracting its content, […]

Artificial Lawyer Review on Binadox

Artificial Lawyer, a site dedicated to AI and legal automation news and views, recently published its review on the Binadox solution and an interview with Michael Kholodenko, Binadox co-founder. In this interview, Michael answers questions and shares insights about Binadox Inc. itself; the importance of understanding license agreements’ terms and of the license compliance problem; […]

We wish you a Merry Audit and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to You and your company! But before that, perhaps, Happy Software Audit! For a number of independent software vendors the approaching December 31 marks the fiscal year end, when they seek to grab every last penny of revenue. One of the ways to get there is to audit the customers. So for […]

Managing Shadow IT in Three Steps

Shadow IT has become an unavoidable part of enterprise workflows. Skype, Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack, Evernote, etc. – corporate data flows between unauthorised applications and services uncontrolled and unmanaged. In the previous post we talked about inefficiencies and serious risks shadow IT poses and, yet, discovered a number of real benefits. However, those benefits are […]

Shadow IT: The Good, the Bad, and the Costly

The road to hell is paved with shadow IT The initial aim of using shadow IT resources is pure – lines of business want to get their jobs done in a more efficient way. There are good reasons why shadow IT emerges within an organization, we discussed those in the previous post. However, by installing […]

Click-Through Agreement Risk Management Solution:
Feedback from SAM Professionals

In this post we summarize the discussion in the ITAM review forum and address the issues raised by SAM professionals. In evaluating the effectiveness and usability of Binadox as a solution to manage click-through EULAs and ToS risks, some questions were raised around its applicability, particularly within the confines of a locked down environment. SAM […]

Cloud Application Threats in Terms of ITAM

Unless you work in an environment where access to cloud applications is revoked, cloud security issues are unavoidable. However beneficial emerging cloud services could be, security risks they pose to your company can cancel that out. Ultimately, when improperly managed, use of cloud applications could lead to higher expenditures and reputational damages, which companies need […]

Shadow IT: What is it and what’s behind it?

There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed. Shadow IT is not the case. Shadow IT refers to IT resources (devices, software, services) used by employees without explicit permission of the organization’s IT department. Either the technology is not approved by the department or IT specialists are simply unaware that a business unit is […]