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SaaS Spend

One place to track, manage and optimize
your company’s SaaS subscriptions.

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Bring SaaS intelligence to your stack

Plan your SaaS expenses and reduce the risk of overspending across all your subscriptions with a single, unified view.

No matter the size and complexity of your SaaS Stack


Understand resource consumption of SaaS and on-premise applications across the organization in a single view.


Control license types and utilization rates to forecast spending, manage active contracts and mitigate potential risks.


Rightsize your SaaS portfolio and eliminate redundant, underutilized, or inactive applications sprawl.

Track Your SaaS Portfolio in One Place

Control your licenses and subscriptions with centralized SaaS management and compliance platform.

Real-Time Reporting

Stay in the loop about what’s happening with your software licenses, and check application usage rates in real-time.

SaaS Usage Breakdowns

Monitor your subscription expenses and user activity with interactive reports for making better managerial decisions.

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We make it simple image

Optimize SaaS Subscriptions Spend

Optimize your SaaS operations relying on actionable insights. Forecast future SaaS expenses with the Renewals calendar and keep your IT budget lean at scale.

Manage Resources Wisely

Discover and remove duplicating functionality apps or cut overprovisioned licenses and fit in your IT budget.

Automate Apps Monitoring

Set triggers and receive cost and utilization notifications to proactively manage your SaaS applications portfolio.

Confidently Manage SaaS Renewals

Spare your procurement team from manual app inventory and upcoming renewal checks by using just one analytical and optimization tool.

Gain Total Visibility

Avoid cost and security issues by leveraging SaaS Utilization Dashboard that shows your detailed SaaS portfolio.

Renew Apps on Time

Never miss upcoming SaaS renewals by setting up alerts and notifications. Easily check your payment activity and budget.

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