Streamline your Software and SaaS Licensing Compliance

Optimize Software Installs and SaaS Subscriptions Utilization

Get the Most for Your IT Buck in the Cloud and on-Premises

Binadox will make your CIO and CFO satisfied

Software license compliance
Agreements review and analysis

Binadox helps organizations with Software and SaaS Licensing Compliance and preventing software audits failures.

Enabling CIO's role to expand to other parts of the organization, like legal or finance. Extract and highlight usage rights, entitlements and legal terms of license agreements of software assets (on premises and SaaS) used in the organization.

Binadox allows IT to be agile in adopting new technologies or upgrading existing software assets without putting additional burden on legal department. IT could share the legal aspects of software assets along with the General Counsel's team easily.

Binadox features a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine specifically trained for automatic analyzing and classification os Software License Agreements (SLA) and Terms of Services (ToS).

Software and SaaS usage cost optimization

CIOs and CFOs can get an organizational overview about how, what and when exactly the licensed software or subscribed SaaS applications are used within their organization.

It could be crucial for CFO, CIO and other business leaders to control, monitor the exact usage of licensed software and services, to spot underutilization prior to next year renewals for their IT budget forecasting.

Binadox could be offered as a service or deployed on the customer's premises.