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Cloud Cost

Track Your Cloud Resources, Reduce Waste and Optimize Your Cloud Spend

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The Cloud Costs are Complex
We Make It Simple

Track Сosts and Utilization Rates
Across All Your Cloud Resources

Control your costs and reduce the risk of overspending across all your clouds with a single, unified view. No matter the size and complexity of your Cloud Infrastructure.

Data Visualization

Compile cost and usage data with historical metrics into interactive reports for making better managerial decisions.

Custom Reports

Adjust cloud reports to your specific needs by selecting required parameters and performance metrics.

We make it simple image
We make it simple image

Optimize Your Cloud Costs and Efficiency
with Actionable Insights

Improve the return on your cloud investment with intelligent recommendations and the industry’s best practices tailored to your business.

Resource Utilization

Take advantage of smart rightsizing recommendations to ensure the most cost-effective resources utilization.

Discount Management

Discover your consumption patterns and invest in reserved instances to get volume discounts and maximize savings.

Organize Resources Across Your
Organization for Better Cloud Adoption

Drive accountability with budgets, custom policies, and automated actions across your organization for more efficient cloud adoption.

Custom Polices

Drive cost accountability to resources consumers by creating custom policies and applying automated actions.

Automated Actions

Automate your cloud policy management to control costs, optimize performance, and achieve continuous cost optimization.

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Explore More Ways to Track, Manage
and Reduce Your Cloud Costs

Dashboards and Reports logo

Dashboards and Reports

Learn your resources consumption pattern and plan your budget leveraging interactive dashboards and customized reports data.

Budgets and Forecasting logo

Budgets and Forecasting

Accustom IT budget for resources provision based on utilization, cost, and workload metrics. Scale up and down with no risk.

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Intelligent Recommendations

Receive AI-based cost optimization recommendations and leverage your cloud savings into achieving strategical goals.

Anomaly Detection logo

Anomaly Detection

Detect changes in cost and consumption patterns before a trivial anomaly becomes a significant problem.

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Structure and organize your multiple cloud resources for fine-grained cost allocation and chargebacks.

Dashboards and Reports logo


Identify cost-saving opportunities by downsizing overprovisioned resources or cutting unused ones.

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