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Prevent legal woes

When your employees click “I agree”, they enter a legally binding contract. Do your employees read and understand every EULA and TOS they operate under?

If your employees don’t follow license terms, you could:
- Be sued by software providers
- Be denied compensation due to limitation of liability
- Permanently lose important data
- Violate privacy or security agreements

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Catch violations before they happen

Automatically capture every software license agreement that passes through a company-owned computer. Sort, compare, and approve license agreements with our extensive toolkit.
Know what your employees use

Know what your employees use

Capture every software installation and SaaS agreement as it happens. Binadox will store and sort each license accepted by the user.

Your employees don’t have to understand the agreement or remember to send it to you.

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Speed up analysis

Speed up analysis

Reading through software agreements can be exhausting. The Binadox application makes managing licenses simpler through the features like:

  • Section and heading-based navigation through licenses
  • Custom tag creation for the organization
  • Keywords and synonyms searchable format
  • Document similarity scores
  • Contextual, comparative display options
  • Legal definitions index
  • Summary tools
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Keep track of licenses

Keep track of licenses

Binadox saves you time by grouping related licenses. You can see on what computers the software is installed or SaaS is used, what the terms of the license are, and information about the software.

While reviewing a license you can mark it and any future copies as accepted or rejected.

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Control software utilization efficiency and costs

Keep track of software usage and costs

Do your employees use all the purchased software? Is it used efficiently? Binadox tracks usage of the software installed on company-owned computers and detects unused and underused programs and how much they cost you.

Stay aware of IT assets utilization

Binadox allows generating reports on software usage to facilitate its analysis. A software usage report contains a list of all the programs installed on company-owned computers, number of their installations, utilization rate and cost of each program. The report can be generated for any required period of time.

Keep ownership of software usage efficiency and investments

Binadox reveals inefficiencies in software utilization and procurement and give you an opportunity to improve productivity and save funds. Monitoring results show whether your employees waste time at their working desks, whether they need additional training and whether you waste money on redundant licenses.

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