Binadox - Cloud Spend Optimization, SaaS & IaaS

Multi-Cloud Spend Optimization

Unified Management for SaaS and IaaS

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Binadox dashboard displays an overview of all the SaaS applications in your organization. Including entitled users, actual consumption, and costs. Drill down and get all the information and make informed decisions

Binadox discovers SaaS application usage using an API, Proxy or an Endpoint Monitoring. Detect "known" and "unknown" (Shadow IT) applications used in your organization.

Multi-cloud monitoring both for AWS & Azure

Proactive granular spend monitoring and notification to prevent Bill Shocks

Monitoring of major Cloud services such as compute, storage and network

Drill-down towards the most atomic level such as a single virtual machine in EC2 example. Obtain insights into individual virtual machine cost and utilization. Receive actionable optimization recommendations