SaaS management and optimization | Binadox

SaaS discovery, management and consumption optimization

Reduce SaaS costs, uncover underutilization and "Shadow IT"

Optimize Underutilized SaaS Apps

CIOs and CFOs can get an organizational overview about how, what and when exactly the subscribed SaaS applications are used within their organization.

It could be crucial for a CFO, CIO and other business leaders to control and monitor the exact usage of licensed services, to spot underutilization prior to the next year renewals for their IT budget forecasting.

Drive User Application Adoption

Identify users who use only basic features of SaaS apps, login only once in a while or are not really active while logged in. In those cases a less expensive subscription might be enough for the users needs.

Another angle is that those users need to be educated to adopt an application to be more productive or that there is an alternative application which is already adopted.

Discover Shadow IT App Usage

Shadow IT or applications which are used without the IT dept. knowledge, can be a threat in a form of privacy and security breaches. Identifying shadow IT enables the IT department to take measures such as educating users to use approved alternatives and minimize damages if such have already occurred.

Binadox is offered as a service or can be deployed on the customer's premises.