Binadox - SaaS Subscription Management, SaaS Optimization
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Binadox - SaaS management

Insights into SaaS usage & cost optimization

  • Optimize Spend.

  • Detect Shadow IT.

  • Uncover Underutilization.

  • Improve IT Procurement Planning.

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Automatic SaaS discovery & management to reduce IT sourcing costs.
Find out what you have and what you're actually using.

How Binadox helps you with
digital transformation

Manage SaaS Subscriptions

Binadox dashboard displays an overview of all the SaaS applications in your organization.

Including entitled users, actual consumption, and costs. Drill down and get all the information and make informed decisions.

Binadox SaaS subscription management
Optimize SaaS cost with Binadox Optimize SaaS cost with Binadox

Optimize SaaS costs

Binadox compares actual usage to available licenses, and translates unused & underutilized apps & users into savings.

Discover SaaS Usage

Binadox discovers SaaS application usage using an API, Proxy or an Endpoint Monitoring. Detect "known" and "unknown" (Shadow IT) applications used in your organization.

Discover SaaS usage with Binadox
Binadox SaaS management and discovery solution overview
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SaaS Explosion

Binadox SaaS explosion

Using SaaS is easier than ever: a vast variety of solutions at a relatively low entrance cost: pay as you go & grow as you need.

Thus the number of SaaS applications used in a workspace is constantly growing. SaaS subscriptions can quickly get out of hand for organizations.

Binadox optimizes customer SaaS usage and helps in their digital transformation initiatives.

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