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Binadox Cloud Spend Optimization pricing

All Binadox plans include full functionality and depend on your company Cloud Spend and actual cost savings achieved.

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SaaS Spend
Driven Model
$ 3-5K setup fee
+ 1.5 % of your Annual SaaS Spend
We charge one-time set-up fee of $3-5K (depending on the project complexity) and 1.5% of the annual SaaS spend. For big enterprises volume discounts and caps are provided.
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Cost Saving
Sharing Model
$ 3-5K setup fee
+ 10-20% of actual annual cost savings
Binadox is confident in its ability to generate significant cost savings. We are putting our skin in the game and offering a low risk price model in which lion part of our compensation is dependent on actual savings achieved. If no savings are generated, no additional payments will be charged on top of the set-up fees.
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