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Clickwrap held enforceable.
Appliance Zone v. Nextag (2009)

Appliance Zone is an e-commerce retailer distributing appliance parts through its website. Nextag, Inc. operates a comparison website, where it advertises goods of companies such as Appliance Zone. Nextag refers customers to the companies’ websites and charges fee for every referral. Nextag uses a typical sign-up process for online contracting. During the registration process the […]

How to achieve software license compliance

Introduction Software non-compliance and piracy are spreading like a virus. Piracy implies not only use of forged software, but also unlicensed use of any software. According to the BSA Global Software Survey 2016, “39% of software installed on computers around the world in 2015 is not properly licensed.” Almost 90% of organizations breach software compliance […]

Risks of Click-Wrap Agreements

Click-wrap agreements are the texts containing the terms and conditions you have to accept when installing a software product or subscribing to a cloud service. Click-wrap agreements may comprise a part of documentation of a software product, be displayed when you purchase software or a cloud service on-line, or when you install a software product. […]

Managing and monitoring SaaS subscription and Terms of Services

Software as a service (SaaS) is a method of software delivery in which access to software applications is provided over the Internet. The idea is that the vendor provides you software as a service when you need it. SaaS has become extremely popular among businesses these days due to its scalability, cost effectiveness and mobility. […]