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Cloud Advisor

Minimize expenses, enhance efficiency, and mitigate security vulnerabilities.



The Binadox Cloud Advisor enables the optimization of costs, enhancement of performance, and improvement of security within your cloud infrastructure. The Cloud Scanner continually assesses the environment through the implementation of best practice checks in the areas of cost savings, reliability, performance, and security, and provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for resolving any issues that may arise. The Cloud Scanner serves to assist customers in redirecting their focus towards more critical tasks.


Cost Optimization

Minimize the expenses associated with using cloud services. Maximize the value of your cloud investments and reduce unnecessary spending.

Performance Improvement

Enhance the speed, reliability, and efficiency of cloud-based applications. Ensure that cloud resources meet the needs of businesses.

Enhanced Security

Use additional security measures to protect cloud resources Minimize the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security threats.


Connect the cloud account

Retrieve specific credentials from your cloud account and enter them into the designated fields on the Binadox connection form. Refer to the instructions if needed. Select the provider services that you would like to scan.

Run analysis

Binadox will commence the evaluation of your cloud environment to ascertain its adherence to industry standards and guidelines pertaining to the management and security of cloud infrastructure and services.

Get result

You will be provided with a report containing a list of issues that require resolution. Each item will include a comprehensive description and possible solutions for addressing the issue. If you deem the item to be acceptable, you may also include it in the Whitelist.

Created for the Most Comprehensive Review

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A detailed plan that outlines the steps required to solved the identified issue.

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Best Practices

Comply with the industry standards of cloud infrastructure and services.

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Satisfy the specific needs, preferences, and characteristics of each business.

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Automated Process

Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce the need for human labor

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