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Frequently Asked Questions

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To start using Binadox, you should register an account on the Binadox Web-site (, if you want to use a cloud-based server. In case you want to deploy an on-premises server, you should contact our Technical Support at

As a rule, all accounts are registered on our cloud server. But in case you want to keep control of your data within your organization, for instance, if you work with sensitive or private data, you can deploy a server on-premise by contacting our Technical Support at

Administrative rights are given to the Admin of the organization who has deployed a server.

If a license agreement is not readily available with a new software installation, the end point monitor finds the corresponding license in the Binadox License Database.

If there is no link to a license in Server Web UI, it means that the software was installed before the Binadox end point deployment.

The Similarity tool is available only for the installations with links to the corresponding licenses.

The initial rule is a default rule that applies to any new installation. This rule marks all new installations as “Unset”.

If you have any difficulties or problems using Binadox, please contact our Technical Support at

Upon installation of the end point, the page of the corresponding Browser Web store will open where you can install the end point extension.

The free version of the Binadox software is limited to five computers. To connect more computers to the Binadox Server, you need to contact for more license.