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Rightsizing Guide

In the Rightsizing section on the Binadox platform you can:
1. Create recommendations considering the workload.
2. Send recommendations to the ticketing system for your IT team to drive corrective actions.

How does it work?

To rightsize the resources proceed to the Rightsizing section (side menu > Cloud Providers > Rightsizing) and click on the “Create Recommendation” button.
After filing in the required parameters, the system starts forming the recommendation.
Once the recommendation is formed click on it to see further details and consider sending the recommendation to the connected ticketing system.

Step by step instruction

1. Create new recommendations

NOTE: Only an admin can create or delete the recommendation

To start receiving Rightsizing recommendations an admin needs to proceed to the Side menu > Cloud Providers > Rightsizing.
The Rightsizing page includes the list of recommendations and the button “Create Recommendation” that allows forming a new one.

Create rightsizing recommendations in Binadox

Once the admin clicks on the “Create Recommendation” button a new window appears. In this window, the admin needs to select the required parameters and specify the details to let the system calculate the performance and form the recommendation based on the processed data.

NOTE: The calculating process may take some time

New rightsizing recommendation

2. Check rightsizing recommendation details

Once the system completes calculations on a newly created recommendation a user needs to click on it to see more details.

create rightsizing tickets

On the Rightsizing Recommendation Details page, a user can find a comparison of the current and recommended costs of the resources within the cloud account.
To explore the resource details for 90 days, click on the required resource:

Resource details

3. Send a rightsizing recommendation

An admin can send a Rightsizing recommendation as a ticket through the connected ticketing system. To send a recommendation, click on the button “Create tickets”.

Сreate tickets

To send tickets to the required ticketing system, an admin needs to choose the communication channel and click “Create”.

Create some tickets

The list of tickets, the info on the connected communication channel, and the date tickets were sent are shown in the modal window. To see it, click on “View Details”.

View details

Once tickets are sent to your IT team, they can suggest cloud optimization strategies. After the company’s leadership team made the managerial decisions, corrective actions can be driven.

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