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VMware AirWatch Integration

By connecting AirWatch to Binadox, you can establish a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in your organization, facilitate mobile device management, improve workflows of your employees, and secure sensitive corporate data. To successfully connect AirWatch to the Binadox platform, its necessary to create a new administrator account with specific settings and generate an API key on AirWatch Administrator console. The following steps demonstrate how to successfully connect AirWatch to Binadox.

1. Create an API Key

1. Access AirWatch Admin Console through the URL: https://{YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME}.awmdm.com (e.g. https://js1.awmdm.com).

2.Proceed to Accounts Administrators List View and click Add Admin.

Accounts Administrators List View

3.Fill out all required fields in the Basic tab.

Basic tab

4. Proceed to the Roles tab, select your group under Organization Group, choose Read Only under Role, and click Save.

Organization Group

5. You will receive an email with a new AirWatch Admin Console and your credentials. Access your new AirWatch Admin Console from this email.

6. From your new AirWatch Admin Console, proceed to Groups & Settings All Settings.

From your new AirWatch Admin Console

7. Proceed to System – Advanced and then click API – Rest API.

Rest API

Enable API Access

9.Select Admin in Account type and enter a unique service name (e.g. AirWatchAPI). Copy your API key and click Save.

Select Admin in Account type

10. Configure your permissions to receive data by visiting Telecom – General and clicking Enable.

Configure your permissions to receive data by visiting Telecom

11. Include all necessary permissions for Android and IOS users by clicking Change these settings. Accept these permissions by clicking Save.

Change these settings

2. Configure VMware AirWatch in Binadox

1. Open the VMware AirWatch connection screen from the Administration section on Binadox and click New Connection.

New Connection

2. Fill the following fields under Connection Properties:

Connection Properties

– Admin console domain Enter your AirWatch Admin Console domain name.

– Username Enter your AirWatch Admin Console login in this field.

– Password Type your AirWatch Admin Console password here.

– API key Paste your AirWatch API key.

– First bill date Choose your first bill date in this field.

– Payment Plan Specify your billing plan type here.

– Billing Period Enter your billing period.

3. After filling these fields, click the Connect button. Therefore, you will connect AirWatch to Binadox platform. You can now adopt BYOD policy in your company, improve workflows and management of mobile devices, and ensure security of corporate data.

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