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Auth0 Integration

This is a guide for integrating the Auth0 platform with the multi-cloud cost management tool Binadox. Auth0 is a solution that helps companies to improve customer experience through seamless SSO, make Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) easier, and provide the balance between convenience, privacy, and security.
To successfully integrate Binadox with an Auth0 platform, it is required to get the necessary credentials in Auth0, add them to the Binadox, and connect the application.

1. Create an API Token

1. Before you connect Auth0 in Binadox, it is required to log in to your Auth0 account.
2. Proceed to the Applications tab, open the list of APIs.

Auth0 Configuration - APIs list

3. Proceed in the System API you need.
4. Within the System API, you can find the Test tab. Here you can Create and Authorize Test Application.

Here you can Create and Authorize Test Application.

5. Once Token is created, you can copy the client id, client secret, and the required part of the URL.

The required part of the URL.

6. It’s necessary to proceed to the Machine to Machine Applications section.

Machine to Machine Applications section

7. Choose the App with the required client id and give the permissions to the client. There are several types of permissions: read, create, update, delete. It’s enough to select the Read permissions to connect the Auth0 app to the Binadox, or you can select all of them.

Select the Read permissions to connect the Auth0 app to the Binadox, or you can select all of them

2. Create New Connection for Auth0 in Binadox

1. When the necessary steps in Auth0 are done, you can log in to your Binadox Workspace.
2. Proceed to the SaaS Connections and connect the Auth0. To do that, you need to paste data copied from Auth0: the part of URL, client id, and client secret.
3. Set the other parameters like the First Bill Date, Billing Period, and Auth0 Payment Plan, as well. After that, you can Connect Auth0 and use the app.

Create New Connection for Auth0 in Binadox

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