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BlueJeans Integration

This guide demonstrates how to integrate the BlueJeans cloud-based video conferencing platform with the cloud and SaaS cost optimization platform Binadox to be able to receive application utilization insights, spend analysis, and individual user data.

1. Create a New Application in BlueJeans

1. Sign in to your BlueJeans administrator account and proceed to the Admin Panel by clicking Admin on the menu bar at the top. In the navigation pane on the left, click Group Settings and go to the OAuth Access tab. Click on the Add New App button.

Admin Panel BlueJeans

2. To create a new application, fill in the Create App form:

– Indicate a name for a new application (e.g. Binadox)

– Provide a description of an application’s purpose (e.g. Usage Monitoring and Spend Optimization)

– Create an App Key. Please note that this value serves as an App Key for the BlueJeans integration on the Binadox platform.

Click Save. Click the  icon to see app parameters.

Create App BlueJeans

3. A new app is added to the list on the OAuth Access tab. An App Secret is generated automatically. Copy an App Key and App Secret.

App Key Secret BlueJeans

2. Integrate BlueJeans with Binadox

1. Sign in to your Binadox account.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click SaaS Connections. Click on the BlueJeans icon. To quickly locate the BlueJeans software in the list of supported applications, type in its name in the search bar.

SaaS Connections

3. Enter a unique connection name for further differentiation. Click Continue.

Enter a connection name

4. Fill in the connection properties. Enter an App Key and App Secret into the corresponding fields (see Clause 1 on how to locate an App Key and Secret). Click Continue.

Enter the App Key and App Secret

5. Fill in the billing information. Click on the calendar icon to specify the billing date for the application. Select a payment plan and billing period in the corresponding drop-down lists. Click Connect.

Now BlueJeans is successfully integrated with Binadox.

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