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December 2021 Updates

Optimize the cost of a new app – Auth0

Now Binadox users can connect to the Auth0 platform. Integration of the Auth0 platform with the Binadox multi-cloud SaaS and Cloud management platform allows you to receive usage, spend, and user data of the Auth0. Additionally, you can discover all SaaS applications used by your organization that are authenticated via Auth0 as an SSO service to receive their usage and user data.

SaaS Connections - Auth0

Manage licenses in one place with License Manager

Now all the licenses you manage with Binadox can be governed in the License Manager section. It includes several tabs: Renewals Calendar, Invoices, Unassigned Licenses.
The Renewals Calendar displays the apps billing dates and rates, so you can be aware of the beginning of the next billing cycle, and get rid of wasteful apps, if necessary.

Renewals in License Manager

The Invoices section contains all the uploaded invoices with the information on the app’s plans, billing period, invoice dates, and charges.

Invoices in License Manager

The Unassigned Licenses section shows you the apps that are less utilized, the plans of such apps, the number of underutilized licenses, and the potential savings.

Unassigned Licenses in License Manager

New Zoom Advice – Zoom Underutilized Meeting Feature

Now in the Advice section, you can observe how much you deploy the Zoom Meeting Feature. If you have a paid license and it’s underutilized (you use it less than 40 minutes), you can choose to use the free plan instead. The free plan offers 40 minutes conferences if there are more than 2 participants (if less, the conference’s time is unlimited).
Based on this information, you can switch to the plan that fits you best. This type of Advice helps not only make the most out of the Zoom deployment but also allows users and companies to reduce the cost of the Zoom app and SaaS applications in general.

Zoom meeting

SaaS Utilization Dashboard Update

Now you can click on the cards displayed on the Dashboard and be redirected to certain Binadox sections. The click to the Annual Potential Savings card on the Dashboard sends you to the Advice (Savings) section.
Users card now leads you to the User Details section, where you can view the detailed information on users and their licenses utilization patterns. It’s beneficial for the analysis of current resources deployed by the company and makes it easier to make future purchases.
A click on the Assigned Licenses card allows you to proceed to the Renewals Calendar within the License Manager and the Unassigned Licenses card – to the Unassigned licenses.
If you click on the Managed Apps card, you will be redirected to the SaaS Connections, while the Underutilized Apps cards also redirect you to the SaaS Connections, displaying only the underutilized apps.

SaaS Utilization Dashboard

Cloud Utilization Dashboard Update

Now you can zoom in and zoom out in the graphs of the Cloud Utilization Dashboard for the set period.

You can choose the period in the calendar and view more detailed cloud cost information (for each day, for instance) or the cloud cost in general – how it has been changing for the selected period.
It’s possible to zoom the graph for the following periods: this week, this month, the last 30 and 90 days, and the last year.

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