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February 2022 Updates

In October 2021, Binadox released a new feature – Automation Rules. It allows automating routines in the cloud based on defining certain conditions that trigger the desired action. By the end of February, we made significant improvements to the way Automation rules are created, as well as included one more vendor’s services to the automation line. Read about the most recent improvements we made in the paragraphs below.

  • Create Automation Rules faster and easier

Binadox team facilitated the process of creating the Automation Rules. Now you can create Rules more efficiently, as they’ve become more intuitively understandable and clear. First of all, you set the rule’s parameters: choose the cloud provider, the account, the service you want to automate, set the condition itself, and specify required values.
When the first step is finished, you select an action that is triggered when the platform detects the resources meeting the condition; the frequency of checking the conditions by the Binadox platform; as well as the communication channel notifications are sent to.

Creating of a new Automation Rule in Binadox

  • Try Automation Rules for Azure vendor

Earlier Binadox made it possible to automate AWS and GCP services. Now, Binadox users can create rules for optimizing Azure services as well.

  • Apply Security Rules for Amazon S3 storage

Now Binadox can help its users not only manage S3 costs but also stay informed about possible Amazon S3 storage security threats. Binadox Automation Rules list was expanded and now includes rules notifying about S3 issues with encryption and different kinds of access control.
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