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October 2021 Updates

Automate your cloud

Automation is a great way to release companies from monotonous tasks like, for instance, manual monitoring of the cloud assets, as well as exclude the possibility of occurring human errors.
Now Binadox gives you the opportunity to experience the benefits of automation – saving money without 24/7 involvement by means of creating Automation Rules that apply defined actions to the chosen items when the set conditions are met.
The automation mechanism is rule-based and takes 5 minutes to set up. To start working you need to proceed to the Automation Rules section and select the cloud account you want to manage and optimize. Then you choose the action that should be triggered by the platform when specified rule conditions (criterion and value) are met.
In a nutshell, there are 3 main steps:

  • Select the item to which the action will be applied;
  • Set the action itself;
  • Choose the condition, which triggers the selected action.

Creating a new rule in Binadox Automation Rules section

For instance, you want to keep EC2 instances active no longer than 7 hours per day. You can create the Rule, choosing the action “Stop”. The system will detect EC2 instances working more than 7 hours, and will immediately stop them. Also, Binadox will send the notification to the designated Email address or Slack channel.
Talking about Rule Logs, this is a register of all triggered actions that you can observe for better awareness of the cloud environment’s current state. The information on applied actions (even removed ones) is stored in the Logs section for 1 month.

All triggered actions that you can observe for better awareness of the cloud environment’s current state are available in Rule Logs

To sum up

Nowadays, when technologies are constantly developing, it’s not a wise strategy to ignore the opportunities for making cloud-related tasks more easy and convenient for IT teams. Automation releases organizations from the laborious task of constant monitoring, saving time, nerves, and money.
Furthermore, automation allows taking control of all the ongoing processes in your cloud environment without mistakes and day-to-day operations.
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