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September 2022 Updates

Automate employee onboarding

Binadox released a new automation tool for building positive and fulfilling onboarding app provisioning and offboarding app deprovisioning experiences. It saves time, money and eliminates errors. Besides, it displays the number of teams, members in these teams, as well as applications that are assigned to each team. You can check the number of unassigned licenses across all apps and decide what licenses should be allocated to newcomers.

Teams with all data

Manage your renewals at a new level

Binadox modernized the Renewals Calendar in the License Manager section. Previously, it displayed applications’ billing dates and costs only.  

Now it also presents the Expiring Renewals —  apps that are not renewed automatically and should be handled manually. This detalization allows you not to miss dates when your contracts should be paid to keep your organization running without any interruptions. 

Expiring renewals

Optimize the cost of a new SaaS app – Power BI

Now you can integrate Power BI Sevice with Binadox. Power BI is a solution that helps companies to connect to and visualize any data. To successfully integrate Binadox with a Power BI service, connect Office 365 to Binadox and get the necessary credentials in Azure Directory. Notice that Binadox can monitor only the Power BI Service.

Discovered applications

Stay informed 24/7

Binadox offers a ticketing feature for notifying you about all the updates in your cloud. Binadox already integrates with Slack, Freshdesk, E-mail, Zendesk, and ServiceNow services to provide ticketing. Now Binadox added the Telegram application for integrations as well. It allows you to receive Binadox notifications to a specified Telegram channel.

Telegram ticketing

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