Binadox cloud management platform introduces a new integration with 15Five – the leading employee engagement and performance management software. Together, 15Five and Binadox boost productivity and flexibility across enterprises by providing full visibility into 15Five licenses, expense information and utilization data.

15Five develops cloud-based software solution designed to evaluate employee performance. 15Five offers a management suite that allows users to integrate objectives into weekly check-ins, set up and view objectives, update progress, and post comments in real-time. Through this suite, business leaders and employees can discuss challenges and areas of opportunities that create obstacles in the attainment of company goals and objectives. 15Five aims to build and maintain strong relationships from bottom to top and vice versa within companies.

Binadox provides 15Five users with utilization data and analytics. Thus, administrators can quickly understand how exactly cloud applications are being used by employees.

Through this swift and seamless integration, organizations can also receive accurate cloud spend data of every single license. With 15Five integration, Binadox aggregates and analyzes spend and usage data.

Binadox highlights underused or abandoned cloud subscriptions and provides cost optimization recommendations. What’s more, 15Five users can ensure security and license compliance via one powerful cloud management dashboard.


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