Binadox cloud management platform includes simple and seamless integration with ActiveCampaign email marketing solution. Through this collaboration businesses can engage in CRM and marketing automation while managing application usage, spend and compliance.

ActiveCampaign provides email marketing tools that allow organizations to send newsletters and design campaigns. This way, you can keep in touch with your business contacts and your clients. ActiveCampaign also offers marketing automation features that enable your company to automate your marketing channels while making use of personal and behavioral data of your customers. Finally, the CRM functionality of ActiveCampaign helps marketers to quickly gain valuable leads and close deals faster.

With this integration, Binadox allows ActiveCampaign users to receive real time usage and spend data. Binadox also helps ActiveCampaign customers to ensure compliance of every single license and gain cost saving recommendation to optimize company’s budget. On top of that, Binadox and ActiveCampaign collaboration prevents shadow IT sprawl and detects unsanctioned or ineffective cloud subscriptions.


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