Binadox Cloud Management Platform includes an integration with amoCRM cloud-based sales and lead management system. This collaboration facilitates administrative operations, secures sensitive data and greatly increases productivity across enterprises.

amoCRM offers a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contact management solution for automating the sales process. Manage multiple personalized pipelines, sales teams, and receive analytic feedback and reports. Furthermore, amoCRM features include data management of contact lists, storing history of meeting and negotiations, and control over prospective deals. Additionally, users can drag-and-drop leads to different statuses, create custom fields on the fly, and set up behavior-triggered actions in just a few clicks. This software also provides an email marketing tool and a tracking system to qualify your prospects. amoCRM enables organizations to increase productivity and efficiency of your marketing, identifying the exact needs and preferences of your leads. It works anywhere with an internet connection, from your browser or mobile device.

The Binadox integration enables amoCRM users to receive accurate application usage and spend data in real time. Binadox also helps amoCRM customers to ensure compliance of every single license and gain cost saving recommendation to optimize company’s budget. On top of that, Binadox and amoCRM collaboration helps organizations to identify unsanctioned cloud subscriptions and detect redundant or ineffective licenses.


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