Binadox includes the integration with the Freshdesk customer support software. With this seamless and simple integration enterprises can now easily govern and control Freshdesk usage and secure sensitive data.

Freshdesk presents the easiest SaaS-based solution to manage your customer queries in the most efficient way possible. Freshdesk offers everything a business needs to deliver exceptional support services. This includes robust multichannel capability, mechanics to supercharge agent productivity, smart automation and a lot more.

The Freshdesk integration enables Binadox users to discover and manage usage of every single Freshdesk license across the enterprise. The Binadox platform provides full visibility into Freshdesk subscriptions, spend and user data.

Beyond that, Freshdesk and Binadox integration enables organizations to ensure license compliance, receive accurate spend and usage reports, optimize costs, and manage renewals. Freshdesk users can also prevent any negative effects of shadow IT and create additional layers of security.


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