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Binadox Cloud Management Platform introduces collaboration with Freshservice – an online ITIL Service Desk. With this simple and seamless integration, organizations can enhance visibility, security, and IT management operations.

Freshservice offers a cloud-based IT Help Desk and service management solution that enables organizations to facilitate IT operations.  This solution includes a ticketing system, self-service portal and knowledge-base. The core module of the system enables administrators to manage assets, issues, changes, and releases. With a service desk accessible via several channels, you can automate all routine tasks and let your team collaborate to find the best solution for each customer query. Freshservice will also do a great job analyzing and resolving problems before they’ve had whatever impact on your business’s productivity. This software solution also has gamification module called “Arcade”. This module enables IT agents to score points and gamify IT related tasks.

The Binadox and Freshservice integration provides organizations with utilization insights and analytics, enabling administrators to understand how exactly cloud applications are being used by the employees. Furthermore, this integration allows users to receive cloud spend reports of every single subscription in real time.  Binadox also provides individual user data, offers cost optimization recommendations, and highlights underused or abandoned licenses. What’s more, Freshservice users can now create additional layers of security and ensure compliance via one powerful cloud management dashboard.


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