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OneLogin’s cloud-based identity and access management vendor now collaborates with Binadox cloud management platform, enabling a powerful cloud management solution that brings speed and integrity across enterprises. This seamless integration allows businesses to easily and efficiently manage cloud spend, usage, and compliance.

OneLogin provides unified, one-click access to multiple cloud-based applications. OneLogin lets you sign in once and get access to your cloud applications without having to sign into them separately.   As a single sign-on and identity management solution, OneLogin also allows enterprises of all sizes to secure their cloud and on-premise applications for all users and devices.

While single sign-on makes application access extremely convenient, Binadox helps you align spend and usage data across your organization. The cloud management platform provides complete visibility into all cloud applications and enables enterprises to discover which ones are not secured with OneLogin.

Binadox identifies what exactly you’re spending on each cloud subscription and redeploy underutilized licenses in real time. Binadox also allows OneLogin users to drive greater adoption of cloud applications and extend your value with Binadox and OneLogin collaboration for deeper usage and spend analysis.


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