Binadox SaaS Management platform now provides the Salesforce integration. Together, Binadox and Salesforce help clients drive full visibility across your sales, customer success and finance teams.

Salesforce provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products that are widely used to manage and facilitate sales, support services and other customer interactions. With Salesforce, businesses can use the power cloud computing, making it cost effective for enterprises. Furthermore, the flexibility gained through the cloud allows companies complete freedom with how they want to implement and use Salesforce’s software. The CRM is fully customizable, and it can be made to work in whatever fashion a company wants.

By integrating Salesforce to Binadox, you have ability to make changes in both systems and maintain situational awareness and control over teams. This seamless integration greatly facilitates CRM management for your organization. For instance, here are few major benefits of Binadox integrations with Salesforce:

• Full usage visibility of your CRM apps

• Monitor and control CRM renewals

• Create additional layers of security

• Ensure compliance of each Salesforce license

• View accurate financial reports and optimize CRM costs


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