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Binadox SaaS management platform provides the integration with Slack team collaboration tools and services. Together, Slack and Binadox boost productivity and flexibility of your workflows by providing full visibility into Slack subscriptions, spend information and usage data.

Slack is a cloud-based team communication tool that is intended to be the center of workplace collaboration, and to integrate with other products your organization uses. The goal of Slack is to increase productivity by simplifying communication, while putting Slack in the middle of your communication workflow.

With Slack and Binadox integration businesses can discover Slack usage and spend data of the entire organization and each employee. Furthermore, by connecting Slack to Binadox companies receive all necessary intelligence and expertise that is required for strategic purchases and renewal decisions. Binadox allows Slack users to optimize costs, ensure license and IT compliance, prevent shadow IT prevalence, and create additional layers of security.


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