Binadox SaaS management platform offers a convenient integration with the Trello project management software. This collaboration lets administrators govern and visually organize Trello’s utilization and its spend across organizations.

Trello is a project management tool that helps you create boards with different projects and tabs with particular project’s tasks or elements. Trello might be especially useful for teams that are looking for a way to coordinate their activities. With Trello, you can also customize lists and collaborate with team members on the go. Team members can receive real-time notifications of latest developments that take place in a project or task, as well as any changes that are made. Members will also be alerted when new tasks and assignments have been assigned, or when an update is required on an on-going task.

Connect your Trello project management environment to Binadox, so you can optimize your workflows and find hidden or redundant licenses of this application. This collaboration also allows prevent any negative effects of shadow IT. Enhance security and optimize Trello cost through one simple and seamless integration.



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