Binadox software license compliance
and assets management suite

Binadox is a next generation software that ensures software license compliance and provides lightweight software asset management.
Binadox enables continuous, real-time monitoring and management of software licenses, terms of services (ToS) and software assets within the organization.
Binadox implements an advanced natural language processing to analyze the content of software license agreements and facilitate decision-making.

Key Benefits

Immediate Awareness of Potential Liabilities

Binadox detects new software installations and SaaS subscriptions, and captures their license agreements and terms of services, accepted by your employees, in real time. Thus, the organization becomes immediately aware of the potential liabilities they might face, and can take measures proactively.


When your employees install software or subscribe to a cloud service (SaaS) they often accept legally binding clickwrap license agreements. But license terms can be intricate and might lead to liabilities for your organization. Binadox saves your IT and legal teams time by:
Intercepting all accepted license agreements and ToS (Thus, there is no need to search for those license agreements on the vendor’s site or contracting the vendor each time they detect a new installation without corresponding license agreement).
Intercepting all accepted license agreements and ToS
Finding similar licenses and comparing their content (Speeds license terms review)
Finding similar licenses and comparing their content
Allowing you to establish a policy to automatically reject or approve any future installation or subscription.
Allowing you to establish a policy

Cost and Risk Management

Binadox provides complete ownership and control of your software license agreements. It helps you mitigate risks of lawsuits and unexpected costs. Binadox helps you become aware of all the liabilities related to the installed software and cloud subscriptions. It captures all accepted license agreements and sends them to a server host for your IT and legal teams to review and approve or reject the corresponding software installations.

Monitoring of License Agreements and Software Assets

The Binadox End Point Monitors collect the information across the organization.
  • Easy to deploy, consume low resources and don’t interfere with your employees work.
  • Deployed on your employee's Windows based device as a service
  • Feature a browser extension to monitor cloud subscriptions
  • Detect new installations, cloud subscriptions or usage in real time
  • Capture the software license agreements related to installations and ToS of cloud services
  • Send all the information to the Binadox Server
  • Collect the inventory information about installed software, hardware and environment OS
The Binadox Server administers the Binadox system.
  • Easily deployed in the cloud or on-premises
  • Features a user-friendly web UI
  • Accumulates information from all end point monitors
  • Provides IT and legal teams with a quick access to all the details about your organization software assets and licenses through a centralized web UI
Monitoring of License Agreements and Software Assets

Analysis of License Agreements

Flexible Data Filtering

Software data can be large. Binadox filters ease navigation and help you focus on specifics. All software data are interrelated. Filters allow you to limit and modify the data that are included in a view. For example, you can use filters to view installations made by a particular user or focus on specific software.

License Similarity Analysis

The Binadox similarity tool helps you find similar or identical license agreements. It analyses content of license agreements and sorts them by proximity scores. If licenses are identical you can apply the same decision as previously right away. Thus, the Binadox similarity tool reduces your time to manage licenses.

License Semantic Comparison

The Binadox compare tool further simplifies license review and management by showing differences in non-identical licenses. The Binadox compare engine analyses contents of license agreements, matches contextually similar sections and presents them in an intuitive UI. The tool implements advanced natural language processing algorithms which differentiates Binadox from other similar applications.

Managing License Compliance

Automated License Management

The Binadox application allows you to automate decision making regarding license agreements. With Binadox the user can define the license compliance policies within the organization. You can create a rule to automatically reject or approve any new or existing installation. A rule applies to installations meeting the criteria you set. These criteria are based on assets parameters, such as a license type. Configure these criteria based on your policy or previously resolved license agreements. Thus, with Binadox you don’t need to manually handle the same license agreement several times.

Document Browser

Binadox Document Browser represents all licenses in a familiar and structured format. Document Browser is a license repository where you can handle, download, share, compare, edit, and manage versions of licenses.

Binadox End Point Monitor System Requirements

32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Server 2012
Browser extension works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox version 48 or higher
For the best experience, we recommend using one of these browsers to access the Binadox server:
Mozilla Firefox logo
Mozilla Firefox v. 48 or higher
Google Chrome logo
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer logo
Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
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