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Terraform Cost Tracker

Understand the financial implications of cloud infrastructure changes prior to deploying new configuration.



Gain a comprehensive understanding of how each modification influences the overall cost, empowering you to make informed decisions based on the evolution of your infrastructure.

The Terraform Cost Tracker not only automatically provides you with insights into the total cost of your deployments before they are executed but also includes robust features for tracking the history of changes.


Cost Estimation

Get insight into the potential increase in cloud expenses resulting from infrastructure changes before they are implemented.

Modification History

Understand the financial implications of each modification and its cumulative effect on overall expenses.


Get tailored suggestions to improve cost efficiency based on your specific infrastructure and usage patterns.


How it works

Terraform Cost Tracker simplifies managing infrastructure costs by providing a clear and straightforward process. Before deploying any changes, the platform offers a user-friendly cost estimate, accompanied by a detailed breakdown of associated resources. It meticulously evaluates proposed modifications against your existing configuration, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the potential financial impact.

During the code-review process, system goes a step further by offering valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing your infrastructure. This proactive approach not only enhances cost visibility but also empowers engineers with suggestions for improved and cost-effective infrastructure options. In essence, Terraform Cost Manager streamlines the decision-making process, making it more informed, efficient, and aligned with best practices.

Maximize Results with Terraform Cost Manager Toolbox

Dashboards and Reports logo

Cost Estimation Reports

Utilize an advanced cost estimation engine to instantly calculate the potential expenses associated with proposed infrastructure changes.

Budgets and Forecasting logo

History Tracking

Employ a comprehensive history tracking mechanism to monitor and review the history of infrastructure changes over time.

Intelligent Recommendations logo

Resource Breakdown

Access a detailed breakdown of estimated costs for each resource, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of expense distribution.

Anomaly Detection logo

Configuration Validation

Check all proposed infrastructure modifications against your current configuration, ensuring alignment and preventing unexpected cost escalations

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