SaaS: Appearances Are Deceiving

It’s often thought that SaaS applications eliminate the need for Software Asset Management (SAM) and simplify the life of CIOs and CFOs. However, it’s far from the truth and most of the time is quite the opposite. According to Gartner, “IT sourcing and vendor management leaders need to recognize that SaaS subscriptions are not a […]

Excessive SaaS Subscriptions Can Cost You Much More Than You Think

There are always more SaaS applications than you know of and there are always fewer licenses assigned or used than you paid for. All this is due to the uncontrolled SaaS app adoption and inadequate SaaS management. When there are thousands of cloud services on the market, relatively cheap and easy to deploy, employees and […]

Does Single Sign On Help SaaS Management?

Single Sign On (SSO) is a user-authentication method, when a user signs into one cloud application and is logged in to other SaaS apps automatically. SSO provides easy-access to business critical SaaS accounts and saves time. Besides, SSO minimizes chances to forget your password and, therefore, reduce the workload of an IT help desk and […]

Analytics in Service of SaaS Management

Everything is changing including methods of application delivery. On-premises software is being replaced by web-based (SaaS) applications. Today, according to Microsoft, a typical organization has 12 SaaS (web) apps for each on-premises application. The benefits of SaaS apps are enormous, including lower costs, flexibility and day-and-night availability. However, web-based apps still need management, but traditional […]

Binadox Partners with Flexera to Deliver an Integrated Solution for Software Asset Management

Unique offering allows customers to gain software license compliance insights and integrated SaaS Web usage monitoring Binadox, Inc is now one of Flexera’s Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) providing solutions through Flexera’s Enterprise Platform. On August 17, Flexera announced its new Software Asset Management (SAM) vision. The change “will ensure customers get the software and hardware […]

A Smart Way to Renew SaaS Apps

According to Gartner, “by 2020, for 40% of software titles, the fundamental priority of SAM will shift from managing compliance with software publisher terms and conditions to eliminating unnecessary expenditure in ‘as a service’ contracts.” And one of the opportunities to cut SaaS costs is renewal management. In the era of the cloud, traditional licensing […]

SaaS Usage Monitoring Is a Two-Way Street

Today SaaS vendors grow up like mushrooms after the summer rains. With the emergence of cloud-based services, adoption of new applications has become as easy as never before. Big investments are no longer necessary. SaaS applications have equalled big and small businesses: deployment of SaaS apps is easy, doesn’t require big up-front payments or any […]

What SaaS Vendors Are Silent About in Their Reports: Keep your Ears Open and Take Action

We’ve already talked a lot about increasing SaaS adoption rates. Organizations rely on SaaS applications in critical operations more and more often. It’s stipulated by numerous benefits that SaaS provide to businesses. First of all, it’s a seeming cost reduction. Secondly, simplicity of SaaS deployment allow business units remain flexible and do not interrupt the […]

SaaS Cost Optimization Best Practices

According to BDO, 74% of Tech CFOs say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017. Considering undeclining SaaS adoption rates and that an increasing number of SaaS app purchases are made bypassing IT and Procurement, thus exposing the whole business to security and compliance risks, as well as extra […]

How to save IT budget on SaaS subscriptions and software compliance