SaaS Cost Optimization Best Practices

According to BDO, 74% of Tech CFOs say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017. Considering undeclining SaaS adoption rates and that an increasing number of SaaS app purchases are made bypassing IT and Procurement, thus exposing the whole business to security and compliance risks, as well as extra […]

Adopting Value-Adding SaaS Procurement

Procurement is an important function nearly in any company. The common view is that the Procurement’s major objective is to drive the bottom line down. However, the recent trend among the companies is shifting the focus from cutting costs to adding value. We, at Binadox, suggest you adopting the idea of a value-adding procurement in […]

Another Perspective of SaaS Monitoring

Increasingly more Software Asset Management (SAM) tools target to fight security vulnerabilities to protect enterprise systems from hacker attacks, including ransomware, through monitoring unsupervised SaaS applications used by employees. And it isn’t out of place considering the latest trend – WannaCry spreading. WannaCry is a worm that exploits vulnerabilities in the Windows OS to spread […]

Binadox Introduces the Box Connector

The Binadox Software License Compliance and Asset Management Solution now features a connector for Box. The Box connector synchronizes your Binadox account with your Box account to improve productivity and efficiency when managing your software assets and reviewing license agreements and terms of service. The Box connector enables you to upload license files from your […]

CIO’s Role Evolution

In the previous post we described how SaaS proliferation has influenced Software Asset Management (SAM), in this post we’ll talk about how SaaS apps explosion is impacting the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO used to be responsible for software procurement planning and cost optimization. The IT department worked in close tandem […]

Portable Applications: Any Risks?

Portable applications might not be in all headlines today, but they are still in use and deserve our attention. Portable apps are programs that do not require installation on your machine to be used. Portable applications can be stored on removable devices – such as USB drives, CDs and external HDDs – or can be […]

SAM: Shifting Focus to SaaS Cost Optimization

Software Asset Management (SAM) has been in the service of IT teams since the beginning of 1990s. In the age of on-premises software SAM tools served mainly to achieve software license compliance. However, the situation has changed and so has SAM. Today we live in the age of the cloud. And according to Gartner, in […]

Cloud Age Challenge: Managing SaaS Applications Costs

“SaaS shows no signs of decline”, – Gartner says. According to the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, “cloud application services (SaaS) [market] is expected to grow 20.1 percent in 2017”. Attractiveness of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications is explained by ease of their purchase and installation. With plenty of public and affordable cloud services […]

Binadox: A Smarter Tool for License Processing

In the previous posts we talked a lot about the importance of being aware of the terms and conditions of license agreements your employees accept to install software or subscribe to cloud services. In this post we’ll explain the procedure for processing an EULA or ToS using Binadox. Every time a new piece of software […]

What Legal Experts Think About the Binadox Solution

We’ve interviewed a number of in-house general counsels and attorneys and asked them what threats EULAs and ToS may pose to companies and whether the Binadox solution can help their firms avoid costly violations. Some legal experts we interviewed consider an EULA a boilerplate few firms care about, because, in their opinion, only volume license […]

How to save IT budget on SaaS subscriptions and software compliance