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10 Things You Should Know Before Implementing Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication is now required by companies more than ever before. It is the great way to defend your organization from hacker attacks and also ensure that your employees are not unnecessarily inconvenienced. Today, with the increasing adoption of SaaS applications, a centralized login system has become a necessity. SSO enables companies to […]

How to Control Company SaaS Spend

Most organization thinks that they’re in control of managing their SaaS spend. However, many of them – big enterprises and solo entrepreneurs alike are struggling to develop a strong sense of financial security, often cutting their budgets or creating false budget reports  in attempts. Your team might be doing that as well. Thus, you already […]

How Is SaaS Management Beneficial for Your Company?

We are living in the SaaS era and it’s not a surprise that there are dozens or even hundreds of SaaS application which used by employees in your organization. While adoption of SaaS applications is increasingly growing within companies, IT teams might not be aware of them. That is the reason why companies want to […]

How Millennials and Technologies Change IT?

Millennials are redefining the way technologies are used in workplace. According to researches, more than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) are millennials, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Millennials are grown up with IT as part of their daily lives and now they are facilitating the integration of technology into […]

GDPR and SaaS: Are Your SaaS Vendors GDPR-Compliant?

Perhaps you already heard about GDPR and that it’s expected to be the most impactful personal privacy regulation for organizations of all sizes. However, GDPR is different from other vendor compliance requirements and regulations. The following will explain what GDPR means for SaaS and how ensure GDPR-compliance of your SaaS vendors.   What GDPR Means […]

4 Ways Your Cloud Spend Is Wasted

As organizations increasingly turn to cloud infrastructure, SaaS costs can quickly get out of your control. This article outlines 4 factors that lead to waste and how to avoid any overspend. Due to the nature of cloud software, it may seem that your SaaS subscriptions are drastically cost-effective. Although cloud services provide users with flexibility […]

The Procurement Advantages in the SaaS Era

Nowadays, when a company commits a software solution and begins the formal purchase, often any department that has been vital to evaluating and specifying a new application is not included. In the SaaS era, cloud vendors specifically make applications with quick and simple implementations. The increasing adoption of SaaS application across companies has given more […]

Problems with Traditional Expense Management in SaaS Era

Many organizations are increasingly moving towards SaaS applications and still use traditional expense management tools like spreadsheets to report and manage their SaaS software expenses. But they don’t realize that this comes with problems that are not visible immediately. This article will uncover major problems of traditional expense management in the SaaS era and how […]

IT Vendor Management Best Practices in the SaaS era

Today, with the increasing popularity of the cloud services the number of SaaS vendors continues to grow across organizations. This growth requires businesses to consider a cloud vendor management strategy or a comprehensive solution. This article covers everything you need to know about software vendor management and its best practices.   How Does IT Vendor […]

What is SaaS? Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Services

Let’s Define SaaS Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the main categories of cloud computing. SaaS is a business model where a consumer pays a subscription price to have access to SaaS applications, products or services. Organizations tend to use more than 91 SaaS apps on average. Today, SaaS adoption is increasingly growing across […]

What’s the Difference between ITAM, SAM, and SaaS Management?

There is continued and increasing confusion in the IT industry when it comes to ITAM, SAM, and SaaS management. These management disciplines helps maximize IT resources and achieve optimal business alignment. However, they have do have significant differences and they also focus on different areas. Knowing the differences between these disciplines can help you adopt […]

How SaaS is Changing Procurement

The role of procurement has changed drastically in the last decade. As new technologies and leading practices emerge, companies have completely different approach to adapt and deploy new software. These changes mostly caused by the introduction of cloud technology and explosion of SaaS applications across organizations. Formerly, procurement teams used to spend a lot of […]

Understanding the SaaS Lifecycle

  Why the SaaS Lifecycle is Important for Your Company? Organizations are now, more than ever, are increasingly moving towards cloud.  From Salesforce to Office 365, many vital business applications are now cloud-based. The reason and benefits are obvious: simple upgrades, no maintenance fees, zero footprint, and much more. Therefore, software is being consumed more […]

SaaS Contract Best Practices

Technologies have drastically changed over the last decade. Organizations, big and small, are increasingly moving towards cloud software subscriptions. This new SaaS era has brought many benefits and advantages, including: • Better and easy-to-implement software • Improved usability and easier deployment • Simple upgrades and no maintenance fee • Lower price tag, flexibility, and much […]

Why Procurement Leaders Choose SaaS?

In the past days, many procurement teams were unsure about their increasing adoption of cloud services. For instance, SaaS applications are beneficial for employees and for organizations in many ways, but they also caused problems and challenges for procurement. However, today, procurement leaders are shifting their focus to cloud services and their advantages. By using […]

Software Assets Management Best Practices to Extend Your SaaS Experience

As more companies shift to the cloud and employees are increasingly adopting SaaS applications, the more need there is for smarter way to monitor and manage SaaS across organizations. Today, employees usually obtaining and using new SaaS apps without checking with IT or finance teams. Obviously, employees don’t concern about monitoring and managing all their […]

SaaS Security Best Practices: Bring Shadow SaaS into Light

The increasing adoption of cloud-based applications has drastically changed how software is produced and delivered. Thanks to cloud apps, it became considerably easier to buy and start utilizing new software than ever before. The benefits of cloud apps led to a growing tendency by business units and workgroups to sign up for cloud services without […]

Why Inventorying SaaS is Important for Your Organization and How to Handle It?

Today’s concept of moving data and applications to the Cloud means a lot for organizations. SaaS applications are beneficial in many ways.  When people talk about the cloud, more often they are referring to Software as a Service applications like Salesforce, Gsuite, Office 365, and other SaaS apps. Cloud services are beneficial for organizations in […]

Beginner’s Guide to SaaS License Management

In an environment powered by SaaS applications and cloud services, the devil is in details. SaaS licensing is one detail that often torments IT department.  Unknown cloud-based licenses pose a great risk to the enterprise’s IT budgets. The following explains how SaaS licensing works and how to easily manage licenses in your organization. How SaaS […]

Shadow IT Policy: Best Practices & Tips

Shadow IT was a problem for managers and security departments long before it debuted in SaaS. However, organizations today tend to use more SaaS applications than ever and this led to the full blossom of shadow IT. Nowadays, employees in companies of all sizes demand to use applications or services that will suit them for […]