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Digital Ocean Integration

This guide illustrates how to integrate Digital Ocean with the Binadox to monitor, analyze and reduce cloud costs.

To integrate Binadox with a Digital Ocean account, all you need to do is to create a personal access token and paste it into the system. 

1. Generate personal access token in Digital Ocean 

1. Sign in to the Digital Ocean portal with root account credentials.

Digital Ocean credentials

2. Click API in the navigation pane on the left.

Digital Ocean_API

3. Once you’re at the Applications & API page, click on the Generate New Token button in the Tokens/Keys tab to create a new personal access token. 

Generate new Digital Ocean token

4. In the popup modal window, enter the token name and select token expiration period (select “No expiry” to keep the token). Then, define token permissions (scope). Select which level of access you would like to grant. Notice that Read (default) access is enough for establishing integration and receiving the data. Click Generate Token.

New Digital Ocean personal access token

5. Once the token is created, copy it to the clipboard. 

Copy generated token to the clipboard

2. Use Digital Ocean token to integrate with Binadox

1. Log into your Binadox account.

2. There are two possible ways to connect a cloud account:

  • In case when you have no cloud accounts connected yet, click Home in the navigation pane on the left. Choose a cloud account you want to connect to and click the Connect button. 

Binadox Cloud Cost Analysis

  • In case you have connected cloud accounts, click Home in the navigation pane on the left. Select the Cloud providers card and click the Manage button. In the Cloud Utilization Dashboard, click the Add Account button in the Cloud Accounts tab. Click on the Digital Ocean icon.
  1. You will be redirected to the Connection page. Enter the personal access token in an empty field and click Connect.

Binadox Connection properties

Note: You will be able to view Digital Ocean cost data for the past 60 days in Binadox immediately after integration. 

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