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Hetzner Integration

It’s enough to have Hetzner account credentials to integrate it with Binadox.

1. Log into your Binadox account.

2. There are two main flows to connect a cloud account.

  • In case when you have no cloud accounts connected yet, click Home in the navigation pane on the left. Choose a cloud account you want to connect to and click the Connect button. 

  • In case you have connected cloud accounts, click Home in the navigation pane on the left. Select the Cloud providers card and click the Manage button. In the Cloud Utilization Dashboard, click the Add Account button in the Cloud Accounts tab.

Adding new cloud account to Binadox

Click on the Hetzner icon.

Selecting a cloud account in Binadox

3. You will be redirected to the Connection page. Enter Login and Password in the empty fields and click Connect.

Hetzner Connection

Note: You will be able to view Hetzner expenses data for the past 60 days in Binadox immediately after integration.

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