Gain insights into your Microsoft Azure environment

Run your Microsoft Azure infrastructure more efficiently with Binadox cost and usage optimization features. Monitor operating expenses of services deployed in your Azure cloud and avoid overpayments.

Generated statistic data on multiple enabled services and service elements are converted into easy to comprehend line graphs, metrics, and charts. Graphics and numerical indicators enable you to analyze Azure costs calculated per day, month, or quarter, prevent overspend and save on underutilized or no more required to compute resources by disabling them.

Keep within budget limits and avoid bill shock

Binadox Bill Shock Prevention solution for Microsoft Azure ensures services in the cloud infrastructure are running smoothly within the set budget.

Specify a threshold to control your Azure costs and prevent unexpected expenses in your cloud bills. Choose a notification system from a number of available options that suites your organization the most and be immediately aware of any detected excess costs.

Adjust your Azure infrastructure in response to shifting business conditions and yet be always within the budget.

Access low-level data

Take a deep dive into your Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Leverage an ability to analyze highly granular data of services and service components running in the cloud.

Examine daily, monthly, quarterly costs calculated by service elements, be aware of Azure workloads, cost drivers, like an instance type, region of payment, and other specific details that directly influence Microsoft Azure cost and usage optimization.

Get cost optimization recommendations

Binadox keeps your Microsoft Azure costs predictable, calculates potential savings, and offers handy cost optimization tips to help you boost cost-effectiveness.

Based on payment and workload data, the system promptly notifies that you exceed the budget limit and assists in the reevaluation of Microsoft Azure infrastructure costs.

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