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SaaS usage monitoring for Salesforce

Are all the Salesforce licenses you are paying for actually used?

Meter Salesforce web usage and cut down costs on unused and underutilized accounts.

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Key benefits

Measure the number of logged-in users

Binadox monitors Salesforce usage and displays how many users actually logged in during a given period of time. Compare the number of logged-in users with the number of purchased licenses to eliminate overspending.

Identify rare logins

Once the information about logged-in users is collected, Binadox allows you to drill down on the specifics of usage. Some users may login only once a month or even less frequently. Review the collected information and decide whether you need those "rare" accounts.

Discover long idle times

An account might be logged in but the Salesforce application may not be "in focus", runs at the background. Such behaviour may indicate a "reader" nature of the user (rather than an active user or a "writer") which require a different type of license. The Salesforce application may also be not viewed at all, hence its license can be reharvested for another account.

Reveal low activity

Another indicator of low activity, i.e. "inactive usage" of the application, is low frequency of mouse movements inside a tab and of keyboard keystrokes.

Compare activity metrics

"Activity" of each organization or group as a whole can be different - compare each account usage metrics with other accounts and gain insights about lower activity accounts.

Identify a cost-effective license type

Salesforce has different types of licenses. More expensive licenses provide for more features. Binadox tracks feature usage. Thus, if some of those "expensive" features are not used, a cheaper license may be suitable for a specific account

Binadox Usage Monitoring for Salesforce is an easy-to-use metering tool. It helps you find out how Salesforce is used in your organization and optimize its license expenditures.
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