SaaS Cost Management

Enterprises are now, more than ever, are increasingly moving towards out-of-box software. From Salesforce to Office 365, many vital business applications are now cloud-based. The reason and benefits are obvious: simple upgrades, no maintenance fees, zero footprint, and much more. These Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have morphed companies into more advanced customer-centric and efficiently operating businesses, but they may come with a heavy price tag in total and could not even be used by employees.

The aggregate costs of SaaS applications are consuming more of software expense budgets and at the same time employees are increasing their reliance on SaaS applications. Since most companies don’t care if their employees have found a SaaS application that helps their employees do the job better and faster, it poses a challenge: how to manage these cost expenses and how to discover unused or underused subscriptions?

The SaaS model indeed has its benefits, but companies must take a proactive approach in managing the contracts, vendors, and costs. Fortunately, Binadox offers a special solution to facilitate SaaS usage discovery and cost management.

Through accurate monitoring of SaaS subscriptions on Binadox, you can increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs. Proactively managing these contracts will improve budgeting, give you the upper hand in negotiating renewals and help companies achieve SaaS license compliance.

Binadox enables organizations to manage SaaS subscription renewals, ensure license compliance, monitor SaaS activity, get notified about important events, negotiate smarter, and take control over the software budget via one powerful dashboard.


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