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Another Perspective of SaaS Monitoring

Ekaterina Mizrobova


SaaS Monitoring Can Secure Your Company

Increasingly more Software Asset Management (SAM) tools target to fight security vulnerabilities and protect enterprise systems from hacker attacks, including ransomware, through monitoring unsupervised SaaS applications used by employees. And it isn’t out of place considering the latest trend – WannaCry spreading.

WannaCry is a worm that exploits vulnerabilities in the Windows OS to spread around. When it penetrates a system, it encrypts files and demands a ransom for decryption. The worm is searching day and night for vulnerabilities in the organization networks to penetrate through. The risk of uncontrolled SaaS proliferation, the IT and CIO know nothing about, is critical – undiscovered SaaS applications (shadow IT) expose the organization systems to such vulnerabilities.

Right Tool for Your Security and SaaS Monitoring

Binadox features SaaS Usage Monitoring which helps organizations improve visibility of their SaaS environment by identifying what SaaS applications are subscribed to and used by employees, thus allowing centralized management of SaaS applications and vulnerabilities they might create. Binadox SaaS Usage Monitoring enables IT teams and CIOs to act proactively through automatic discovery of unauthorized cloud services used by employees. These employees can be also identified. Besides, Binadox intercepts the corresponding SaaS terms of service (ToS) – we talked about the threat they may pose in the previous posts. Here Binadox uses its License Base which is continuously updated, and thus allows Binadox adapt to new risks. The tool can be provided both on premises and in the cloud.

Taking into account that SaaS proliferation will continue and the scope of damages exploited vulnerabilities can incur, this sort of feature may appear priceless both for the CIO and CFO.

On average, the organization has 316 SaaS applications and most of them are not authorized by the IT department. The majority of these applications are email services (Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail) and file storage services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive). This is concerning, as such a big scope of unauthorized SaaS services poses a threat of data leakage and a threat of cyber attacks through personal emails and file storages.

Binadox allow CIOs to make their systems transparent in order to avoid vulnerabilities and protect them from cyber attacks. Once SaaS applications are monitored, users can work in a safe environment. This allows organizations to stop worrying about “Shadow IT” and continue leveraging SaaS apps.

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